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Brand: NEOGEO Pocket Color

Type: e-games store


Submerge yourself in the underwater world of Dive Alert: Becky's Version. A catastrophe has befallen Earth and only one city, Terra, remains. The rest of the globe is a vast ocean filled with people willing to fight to reach Terra. From there, you command your very own SAS in this underwater submarine simulation role-playing game.

Experience realistic submarine warfare using sonar, depth charges, and torpedoes. Lurking beneath the waves, the last thing your enemies will hear is the pulsing of their sonar quickening as your torpedo reaches their hull. With your navigator, search the seas for money, upgrades, and maritime encounters. Collect equipment and new submarines by defeating opponents. Gain experience in the mission mode. Receive extra cash in the training mode. You can also link against a friend and play for keeps in the interactive battle mode. Splash into Dive Alert, where the aquatic adventure of a lifetime awaits. Two versions of the game feature different submarines--Becky captains the subs in this version, while Matt's the star of the other version.

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