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Brand: Sega

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SEGA Astro City Mini V is the second instalment of the mini arcade series. A 1/6 size faithful reproduction of the original arcade cabinet "Astrocity" that dominated the arcades in the 1990s. It reproduces the vertical screen specifications and includes 22 titles centred on vertical scrolling shooting games from the 80s and 90s. Re-enjoy the excitement of the arcade from your childhood. A gathering of dream shooting stars! The Sega arcade legend is again in the palm of your hand! Astro City was an arcade machine that first appeared in arcades in 1993 and took the world by storm, especially among young people in their teens and twenties. Like the "Astro City", which was introduced in many arcades as the "first resin cabinet", the "Astro City Mini V" recreates the main body in resin. The original design has been faithfully reproduced in the palm of your hands. The "Astro City Mini V" can be used side-by-side with the previous "Astro City Mini" to create a "home arcade" atmosphere. - Other Specs: Power Switch, HDMI Output, 2 x USB outputs (for use with Sega Astro Mini controllers), Earphone jack and DC-IN input. - Products Specs: Dimension: W 130 mm, H 170 mm, D 175 mm. Main unit: 600 grams. Power supply: USB power 5V / 2.0A. Power consumption: approx. 10w - Game List: o Truxton o Truxton II o Fire Shark o Outzone o Dogyuun o Batsugun o Grind Stormer o Moon Cresta o Zaxxon o Terra Cresta o Cosmo Police Galivan o Action Fighter o Wrestle War o Raiden o Sonic Wings o Desert Breaker o Samurai Aces o Kingdom Grand Prix o Gunbird o Strikers 1945 o Armed Police Batrider o Battle Bakraid Unlimited ver.


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